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The Future of ITO: Why Altia Smart City is the Premier Outsourcing Destination in Latin America

Nov 22, 2023

The Future of ITO: Why Altia Smart City is the Premier Outsourcing Destination in Latin America

Altia Smart City Overview: 

Altia Smart City is a comprehensive business and technology park located in Honduras. It offers a range of services and amenities aimed at creating a self-sufficient, green, and resilient environment for executives, clients, and employees. Its six core components include a business and technology park, creative studios, a university, a retail and lifestyle center, and a world-class hotel.

Advantages of ITO in Altia Smart City:

Reliable Infrastructure: Altia Smart City possesses reliable internet connections and high-speed broadband, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for businesses. The redundancy in connectivity and steady power supply provide a robust infrastructure for smooth ITO operations. Additionally, the buildings are equipped with fully optical fiber internet, enhancing the speed and reliability of the internet connection. Submarine cables, crucial for international connectivity, have played a significant role in improving internet access and speeds in many countries. Honduras, with its strategic position in Central America, benefits greatly from these connections, ensuring businesses have access to competitively priced, high-speed internet.

Competitive Pricing and Cost Savings:

Honduras offers competitive labor rates, allowing businesses to save costs without compromising the quality of services. Altia Smart City's pricing is competitive compared to other outsourcing destinations, ensuring cost effectiveness for companies seeking ITO solutions.


Secure Environment: 

Altia Smart City is in a free zone business park with 24/7 security, providing a safe and secure environment for businesses. This secure setting ensures the protection of sensitive data and contributes to a worry-free work environment. Moreover, the park is located within a closed circuit and is equipped with advanced CCTV systems, offering an added layer of security for businesses operating in the area.


Educated Workforce: 

Honduras boasts an educated workforce, with a high percentage of bilingual professionals proficient in English and Spanish. This language proficiency minimizes communication barriers and enables effective collaboration between businesses and their ITO partners.



Customizable Spaces:

Altia Smart City offers spaces that can be fully customized to meet the operational and corporate business needs of each company. From ready-to-move-in spaces to built-to-suit options, businesses have the flexibility to design and construct their ideal workspace, maximizing space utilization, efficiency, and long-term cost savings.


Full Support Services: 

Altia Smart City provides comprehensive support services for its customers, including assistance with legal processes and business operations, HR and recruitment services, customer experience support, backup energy plant generators with 100% park coverage, and even free counseling and psychological services. These support services ensure a seamless experience for businesses and their employees.



ITO in Altia Smart City offers numerous advantages for businesses seeking an exceptional outsourcing destination. The reliable infrastructure, competitive pricing, secure environment, educated workforce, customizable spaces, and comprehensive support services establish Altia Smart City as an ideal choice for companies looking to leverage ITO solutions. By partnering with Altia Smart City, businesses can maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and take advantage of the unique opportunities provided by this innovative smart city.

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