Social Responsibility

Building a Smart & Sustainable Future, for everyone

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the most important pillars, sustaining the brand values that permeate through our Altia Smart Cities. We believe that businesses should be built to benefit everyone: collaborators, investors, employees, and local communities through development, health and education.

Our GK Group Foundation

We focus on four major areas:


Permanent financing programs and medical brigades, in addition to the upcoming opening of the flagship project “Love and Care Medical Clinic”, that aims to provide general medical services and social assistance to community people with limited resources. This project will begin operating by the third quarter of 2013.


The GK Foundation is, and will always be, committed to the development of educational opportunities by converting public school to bilingual education programs. We experience great satisfaction knowing that we positively impact the lives and futures of our younger generations. Our projects include:

• Jardín de Niños Armenta in San Pedro Sula
• Escuela Armenta in San Pedro Sula
• Jardín de Niños in Santa Bárbara
• CEB in Santa Bárbara
• Escuela Santa Elena in Santa Bárbara
• Escuela Monte Limar in Santa Bárbara
• Escuela Montegrande in Santa Bárbara
• Escuela San José de la Sierra in Santa Bárbara


Feeding hope is a program that seeks to support many hungry Hondurans. Over 100,000 meals of food have been provided in the last year. That number continues to increase daily as we continue to feed & nourish contributing to Zero Hunger statistics.


GK takes environmental responsibility very seriously. We educate all neighboring communities through environmental talks and we help all residents, both adults and children, to take care of the planet through decisive action. Internally, all our operations are environmentally friendly.

We are color, movement, life, energy, expansion, knowledge, people. We are the force behind new thinking. For more than half a century, we have been making a positive impact on individual lives, locally, nationally, globally, and we have a long future ahead.

GK Group is committed to the development of sustainable processes, products, and systems, that protect our environment and safeguard the interests of local communities long term. We are dedicated to developing businesses that create a better future for all.

Environmental Initiatives & Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Leadership

  • We provide Zero Waste learning and training access to all employees in partnership with the TRUE certification, promoting a culture of reuse and recycling as well as reducing operating costs.

  • Altia Smart City is a solar-powered city. Its photovoltaic electric power generation system makes Altia Smart City the most competitive option in the industry in terms of energy costs, strengthening our commitment to sustainability by reducing our carbon emission annually.

  • ALTIA Business Park is certified under the LEED seal (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design); a seal awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council. It is technologically advanced, relying on an innovative air conditioning system, chillers with R-134ª clean gas, elevators with a regeneration system, LED lighting, an automated system for turning on lights, and speed variators in water supply pumps.

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