Why Choose a Smart City?

With creativity and sustainable innovation, we grow your future together.

Altia Smart City takes business and professional development to another level by expertly intertwining innovation, technology, sustainability, and operations. It’s a 360, resilient ecosystem - made up of six core components - that drives companies’ competitiveness through the development of disruptive and profitable projects, while protecting the planet and helping communities to grow.

What We Offer

The unique quality of Altia Smart City lies in its six core component structure: a business and technology park, creative studios, university, retail and lifestyle center, world-class hotel, and residences. It’s a self-sufficient, green, and resilient landscape that gives executives, clients, and their employees the chance to work, live, shop, learn, relax, and be inspired.

Altia Smart City delivers spaces you can customize to fully meet your operational and corporate business needs. Our ready to move in and built-to-suit solutions include from finished turnkey spaces to full computer leasing options based on your company’s specifications. Therefore, as you have input into the design and construction of your space, this approach helps to:

• Maximize space
• Maximize efficiency
• Reduce long-term costs

Making us a Smart Investment Destination closely connected to all that your business demands.

Foreign Employment


Repatriation of Profits


Sale Tax/Customs Duty


Corporate Tax

  • Full Support with legal processes and business operations

  • HR and Recruitment services

  • Backup Generator with 100% park coverage

  • Free Counseling and Psychological services

Our Value

The Six Core Components
of Altia Smart City


Business Technology Park












Altia Residences



Executive Hotel


Business Technology Park

We recognize that a well-planned office building can help drive the overall success of an organization’s culture and business. That’s why we ensure that our customers can sign up, walk in, and start operating in a turnkey designed, ready-to-use, and ready-to-lease facility.

We offer competitive advantages and specialized services. Our state-of-the- art facilities are designed for outsourcing companies and IT industries. In addition to providing customized turnkey office solutions for world-class corporations, Altia Technology Park is consciously designed to give companies what they need so that they can focus entirely on their core business.


Rec-Zen beautifully embodies the essence of the “smart city” concept, encouraging a synergy between lifestyle, innovation, and environmental sustainability. It’s a social hub that’s smartly designed using advanced technology to stimulate creativity and maximize relaxation.

Features include:
+ Restaurant
+ Coffee Shop
+ Creative Studio
+ Think Tank
+ Games Room
+ Music Room
+ Four Terraces for
Company Events


UNITEC is the most prestigious university in Honduras, a member of the Laureate International Universities, and one of Altia’s strategic partners. It was built to create the leaders of tomorrow with a campus that’s second to none.

Features include:
+ Sports center
+ State-of-the-art classrooms and labs
+ Heavy investment in technological innovation
+ Student formation focuses on developing global vision and social commitment
+ Companies operating at Altia benefit from a large pool of qualified talent
+ Students can study at UNITEC and work
at Altia simultaneously


Altara is a lifestyle center that fuses nature and naturallight with three operating business towers and the UNITEC campus. Its mission is to offer a completeexperience where visitors and residents can create memories with friends and families.

Features include:
+ 105 Retail Spaces
+ Clothing Stores
+ Banks
+ Health & Therapy Spaces
+ Gym
+ Movie Theater
+ Arcade
+ Restaurants & Coffee Shops
+ Courtyard by Marriott Hotel

Altia Residences

Altia Residences deliver the highest standards of modern, high-end “smart” living, complete with all the amenities necessary to maintain maximum work-life balance.

Features include:
+ Studios
+ One-bedroom apartments
+ Two-bedroom apartments
+ Common Areas
+ 24-Hour Security
+ Swimming Pool
+ Club Rooms
+ Laundry

Executive Hotel

Courtyard by Marriott, located in the Altara lifestyle center, is a recognized global brand that beautifully supports the “smart city” concept of Altia Smart City.

Features include:
+ 8 Floors
+ 115 Rooms

Why Honduras?

In Honduras, we have developed two Altia Smart Cities: one in the fastest growing area of San Pedro Sula and the other within close proximity to major universities in Tegucigalpa. Both locations were strategically selected to best serve business growth and community development.

Two Strategic

  • Geographic proximity to the U.S.
  • Direct flights to mayor U.S. cities
  • Offshore costs in Honduras are well below the regional average
  • Similar time zones
  • Close to major universities, hotel districts, and local downtown areas

Outsourcing in Honduras: An Effective Business Strategy

With the recent profusion of outsourcing in Central and Latin America, Honduras is emerging as a hotspot , possessing certain unique advantages compared to its neighbors in Central America.

American businesses are aggressively seeking nearshore options in Central and Latin America to serve a growing Hispanic market and also to diversify from offshore locations that may have become less attractive due to diminishing cost advantages and labor attrition.

The Business Advantage

Free counseling and psychological services

Lower real estate costs

A local, bilingual talent pool of +95,000

Lower ongoing investment required

Backup generator with 100% park coverage

HR and recruitment services

Full support with legal processes and business operations


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